Turkish Oud

The Muzikkon Turkish oud is a classical short-necked, fretless lute stringed instrument with 12 strings and 6 courses. It has the bowl-backed pear-shaped body with 585mm scale length that is used in Arab and Turkish traditional music. This exotic instrument has 6 rectified nylon strings and 5 nylon strings that help to create a rich acoustic sound. The body of the Muzikkon Turkish oud is manufactured with Walnut Staves and Solid Rosewood. The peg’s and neck are also manufactured with the solid tonewoods. The soundboard is designed with spruce wood and its look varies with the different wood tones. The playing technique of Turkish oud is quite similar to the classical guitar by plucking the strings with the left hand. The body of the oud is placed in an upright position on the right leg and clutched at its top right hand. The muzikkon oud has 3 round sound holes covered with the goatskin rosettes. The suggested tuning for our Turkish oud’s is E2, A3, B3, E3, A4, D4/E2, F#2, B3, E3, A4, D4 this tuning will give you a crisp rich tone. Each Oud comes with an extra string set, padded bag, and 3- year warranty. For more information visit our South Dublin or Blessington showroom or contact us on info@muzikkon.com

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