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Heartland Arabic Oud

The Arabic oud is the backbone of the Arabic music tradition and is not only famous in the Middle East also throughout Europe. The body of the Arabic oud is pear-shaped and is made of wooden staves. It has one to three sound holes with goatskin rosettes and six courses. The back of the oud is shaped like the teardrop bowl bottom. The Arabic Oud has 11 strings. Among them, 10 strings are paired together, whereas, the lowest string remains single. It has 6 rectified and 5 wound nylon strings.

The sound of the Oud vibrates within its hollow body. It is made of a rounded back, which is enclosed with a soundboard, a flat sheet of wood, whereas, the backside of it is made of 15-25 strips of wood. Usually, the open side of the back portion is known as the rosette. 

Muzzikon is offering the Arabic Oud for sale in Dublin Store where you can get the best and competitive price for the instrument which you can also compare across Ireland respectively. We are the largest Arabic Oud instrument seller in Dublin for the last many years. As you also know that Arabic Oud Walnut has 12 strings which produce the best melody which may force you to return in your sweet memories respectively. Arabic Oud is very much famous across the world and it is actually the backbone of Arabic music tradition. Moreover, 12 strings Arabic Oud backside has made with 15-25 strips of wood which is very much exceptional as well as it provides the benefit to the instrument player which can hold it nicely by all means. At Muzzikon Dublin store, we are offering the best price of Irish Arabic Oud as well as you will get the best and competitive rates for the other musical instruments which will make your passion of music more charming and unique.

There are mainly 2 distinctive features of this musical instrument- one is its pear-shaped body and the second is its fretless neck. On the other hand, the body of this instrument has 1-3 sound holes, which usually remains decorated with purfling. The Arabic oud
creates a mellow tone and we recommend the following tuning - C,F,A,D,G,C. An online oud tuner app can be
download to your 
iPhone Here and for your Android Here 

Muzikkon offers a 3year warranty and money back guarantee. Each Oud comes with a padded Travel bag and string set. Muzikkon’s Arabic Oud is the ultimate choice when it comes to playing Arabic music.

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