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One of the larger sized harps with exquisite materials and elegant music output are the Claddagh Harps. Having taller bodies and strings that pass right through their soundboards and the front angular arm, the Claddagh Harps are one of the most played and liked harps for large concerts or harp displays. Muzikkon in Ireland’s favorite music instrument supplier and these Claddagh Harps are one of our specialties.
Try our learner special 19 String Claddagh Harp Rosewood or Walnut range to train yourself with this beautiful and much elegant instrument am move to the 22 String Claddagh Harp Walnut or Rosewood as you get more familiar with this elegant stringed instrument. As you move to the higher tier ones like the 24 or 28 String Claddagh Harp Walnut or Rosewood, the addition of a much stable and firm stand along with the balanced frames will let you play your harps you own way without the fear of falling them down or causing an imbalance at all.
The 34 String Claddagh Harp Rosewood or Walnut rage is the expert’s choice and can touch on any strings (low or high) as required. For experts who prefer to go really unique, the 34 String Claddagh Harp – Emblem Green available from end of May is the perfect choice. The elegant beauty and soft curves of this harp type from Muzikkon is for every harpist and can provide the tailored functionality unmatched by anything else in the market.
Muzikkon guarantees high quality woods selection for our harp line of music instruments providing the soundboards something great to resonate the elegant music from. The adjustable and replaceable strings of our high quality harps and their majestic visual appeal is all backed by the mesmerizing music they can produce at all times.

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