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Irish Harp

Our Irish Harp range has been created with the student, beginner and hobbyist in mind. Developed and designed in our headquarters in Dublin Ireland, we have a superb selection for any buyer. Each Celtic & Folk Irish Harp consists of stunning handcrafted designs, a hardwood frame made from a selection of timbers, a tonewood soundboard, nylon strings, quick release levers and durable tuning pins and bridge pins.
All Celtic/folk harps range from 20 to 40 strings, with 34 being the most usual Harp for Sale Ennis. Each lever is there to provide a semitone lift on each note (For example C to C #) Celtic lever Irish harps are ideal for learning on, with light string gauge and manageable size. We also stock some beautiful gift harps for any music lover interested in this angelic instrument.
Our approach to harp making is focused fully on the beginner harpist. We aim to provide an affordable entry lever harp to start you on your harping journey in Ennis.
Each irish Harp is put through rigorous testing by our Irish Harp Specialist in Ireland who has recently joined the team to ensure quality and Bespoke Celtic Engravings and Designs Available on request Bespoke designs available or contact us for any Irish Harp for Sale Ennis. info@muzikkon.com
Irish Harp is a traditional string based musical instrument that was considered to be a royal treat. But it is ancient at the same time and it is currently present with a same style. The harp is composed of a soundboard and the multiple strings based on a format as to play the music with fingers. It is one of the most delicate string based musical instrument that is still recogbase likr thenized for its great tunes and refinements as well. You can have a better understanding of how to win the hearts of music lover, and with Irish Harps of different sizes and shapes for sure.

Make you every event more excited by using Irish Harp to make the time memorable by all means. Ireland is very much famous for its musical tradition and you will definitely see people are celebrating their event with the sweet noise of music on the streets as well. Irish Wedding is totally incomplete without the use of Harp music and people actually love their tradition to be in everywhere. If you also love music from the core of your heart, you can frequently visit our premises we have a lot more Traditional Harp Ireland in our stock which is also very much cheap in price respectively. You can definitely avail Irish Harp for Sale offer from our premises and we have a large stock of Muzikon Harps, Mchugh Harps, Camac Harps and Lever Harps in our stock. Most of our valued customers from different part of the world really prefer to get our services and we provide them quality manufactured Harp for sale at competitive prices. We will provide you quality manufactured Harps at competitive prices and we guarantee you that nobody can beat our quality and services across Ireland respectively.

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