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Baroque Guitar

The baroque guitar is a five string post-renaissance guitar dating back to the mid-sixteenth-century. The baroque guitar is a unique early instrument heard regularly in European classical music ensemble’s, with composers coming from Spain, Italy & France where the instrument was most popular.

The Baroque guitar is also know as the 5 course guitar and consists of 10 nylon strings, a solid body, bridge, fingerboard & neck made from rosewood, lacewood or walnut, a solid spruce soundboard, 9 nylon frets (adjustable/moveable) & 6 solid wood frets on the soundboard. The arched back of the guitar resonator is built from a blend of hard wood to allow the guitar to ring our acoustically.

The nylon strings allow for a light tension and easy playability. The tuning of the baroque guitar may vary with the performance of the player however the standard tuning consists of E – B – G – D – A (E4, E4, B3, B3, G3, G3, D4, D3, A4, A3)

Each Heartland Baroque guitar comes with a beautiful bespoke 4 layer deep, parchment style rosette and hand carved embellished decorations. The baroque guitar makes a fantastic addition to any guitarist or string players collection and comes complete with a padded gig bag and spare strings. 

As we all know very well the Baroque guitar is an early instrument which was very much famous in European history. It will look similar to the guitar but you will find something different settlement in its strings. Muzzikon is the leading name in selling Baroque Guitar in Dublin, Ireland and we have maintained our trust across the world. We are very much famous across the world for providing the best and exceptional Baroque guitars at our store in Dublin, Ireland. We also offer Baroque guitar for sale in cost-effective rates. We assure you regarding the quality of the musical instruments. We also have a lot more other musical instruments at our Dublin store which are very much exceptional in quality and we also offer the best and competitive prices as well. Most of the famous artists in Dublin prefer to get our services and we also provide them the best and extraordinary services as well.

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