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The Cello is one of the most popular stringed instruments in classical music. In modern day the range of possibilities for a cello have expanded from Solo Cello, ensemble work, chamber groups, orchestral work, popular music right through to electronic music. Muzikkon have both acoustic and electric cellos available. The cello is played by either a bow or can on occasion be plucked (pizzicato).  The strings are tuned in fifths (Low) C, G, D and A (High), and fall an octave lower than the viola.

In terms of size the cello falls between the double bass and the violin. You can adjust the height and position of the instrument with the help of the adjustable endpin. The Cello is played between the knees while sitting on the chair. The Muzikkon cello produces a deep and warm tone and is available in both black metallic or natural wood finish and feature steel strings and maple sides.

The Cellos provided by Muzikkon are with all the added functionality of a professional grade stringed instrument. This is made from high quality materials and is available in both Acoustic or Electric styles making their music sound great.

Try our high quality Electric Cello 4/4 – Black that doesn’t only sound great with the amplified electric sound but looks elegant at the same time as well. The Acoustic Cello 4/4 and 1/2 – Black/Natural is a much more economical option and is great for new learners attempting to learn this majestic instrument. Whether you look at their body materials or the arm and tuning peg box, you will find everything made from authentic high grade materials that are able to withstand the test of time and rough handling of a new learner at the same time.

Not only have Muzikkon priced our Cellos very affordably, but we have not compromised on any of their build quality and music output. You will feel like a high quality full sized cello is in your hands while you pay very introductory prices for them. Whether you need to take them to your music classes or wish to play them at private gatherings, the majestic full of bass sounds and elegant looks that they provide will be unmatched by any of the competition.

Browse through our collection of acoustic and electric cellos and feel free to contact us with any question on info@muzikkon.com

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