Lyre Harp
Lyre Harp is a best combination of two types of string based musical instruments. One is the Lyre that we can find lots of references in Greek history and culture. It was supposed to be a best kind of deal that really determines your soul and how to get the best musical out and out for you. With a board like shape that is more of a Lyre and strings attached like harp can be placed at your living room and you can practice on one of the oldest surviving string based musical instrument. It is how we are going to look for the best sorts of deals and how to connect with some audiences’ whole like folk and ancient touch. Learners will also be facilitated with lyre Harp as one of the big tool to learn music as a whole,

  1. Muzikkon Lyre Harp 10 Strings Rosewood Engraved
    The solid lacewood body lends itself to the soft gentle curves of this ten string lyre. The ten metal strings provide a classical sound that is enhanced by the solid spruce soundboard. When you are not playing, you can hang it up as a piece of art, it's that pretty. Tuning tools included. Hold it upright on your lap or as you walk, and pluck both sides of the strings. Or, lay it flat and pluck it. 8.25 inches wide by 16 inches long, 2.75 inches deep. Here are a few suggestions for tuning: An authentic tuning derived from Judaic worship music, where the instrument was used to accompany the singing of the Chazzan, also known as a Cantor. This style of tuning uses the Chazzanut mode; starting with the bass (largest strings) tune as follows: D E F G# A B C D E F In the early Middle Ages in Eastern Europe, the secularization of the Jewish worship music gave rise to Klezmer music. Jewish troubadours, known as klezmorim gave the music a place in weddings and other simkhes (joyful events). The Klezmer music eventually blended with Slavonic, Greek, Turkish, Gypsy and even American jazz tempos and rhythms. For Klezmer music, try the Misheberakh mode which is: E F# G A# B C# D E F# G Two alternative methods of tuning that work well with singers comfortable in the Key of G are (again bass to treble): E F# G A B C D E F# G and D E F# G A B C D E F# (E is tonic). Notice, in the second tuning, all the notes are the same but you're starting on D rather than E. Includes tuning tool, padded gig bag and extra string set. Learn More
  2. Muzikkon Lyre Harp 16 Strings Rosewood
    Muzikkon presents another string based musical instrument named Lyre Harp. This lyre harp has 16 metal strings which are set at each 25." Its features include inlaid arms and stars carved on the soundboard and it adds to the beauty of the instrument. The lyre harp with its accessories included are tuning tool, nylon gig bag and extra string set. It has Keys of D, tuning from longest to shortest: D E F# G A B C# D E F# G A B C# D E ITEM SPECIFICATIONS: Item Weight: 4.5 lbs. Item Weight With Case: 6.3 Lbs. Item Length: 24.5 Inches Item Height: .25 Inches Item Width: 16.5 Inches EAN 13 : 7426806019252 Learn More
  3. Muzikkon Lyre Harp, 10 Strings Lacewood Engraved
    Muzikkon Lyre Harp, 10 Strings Lacewood Engraved Learn More
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