Balalaika is a Russian originated folk strings based instrument. It is always produced as in triangular body shape with three strings. The family of Balalaika carries multiple types depending on the sizes, pitch and sounds. You need to look for the best sorts of deal and to find a better scope of action to get a fine tune. Here is prima balalaika, piccolo balalaika, secondo balalaika, bass and contrabass balalaika. Most of musical instrument users prefer the prima balalaika. It carries a three dimensional body made of spruce, maple wood, fir tops and evergreen as a matter of fact.

  1. Muzikkon Electric Prime Balalaika
    Our prim balalaika BLKELC has soundboard made from solid spruce. It’s back is made from solid maple, has a beech wood neck with acacia fingerboard. This model comes with passive controller (V+T). This 3 strings Prim Balalaika has Scale length of 440mm. Learn More
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